Purpose of “Let’s Talk Seniors”

I believe that knowledge is power. I want residents/families to have a clear understanding of residents' rights to handle any issues that may arise in a community and know what to do. I want families to be empowered to handle problems and not rely on community staff who may or may not tell them everything they need to know.

I have been working with individuals in long-term care communities for over 20 years. Individuals and families of individuals in long-term care communities often don’t understand their loved ones' rights. They are given a copy of Resident Rights when they/their loved one is admitted, but that is just a general list of the rights. When problems with a resident rights occur, the family must rely on what the community staff tells them to do. Often the community staff tells them what they want them to know. This information is not always correct, by this I mean sometimes the information given by the staff is according to the community’s policies and may, in fact, not be what the residents rights allow.

This website looks at the Resident Rights according to the Federal Regulations and guidelines. This was done so that any resident/family in the United States can come to this website and ask questions and get updates on current issues that are facing the long-term care communities across the United States of America.

Let me walk with you through your journey into the maze of long-term care. I can answer questions and offer suggestions to help you increase your knowledge base and make good choices that will allow you to become the advocate your loved one needs resulting in the highest quality of life for your loved one.

Cheryl J. Wilson, M.S.